The Map Room

Here are some examples of maps produced by Worldspinner. No other tools were used; these are not post-processed, Photoshopped, artifically colored or flavored.

This map of a continent, in the "Gamer" style, is formatted to print at 24 by 36 inches. If you'd like to see every detail, click for a full-sized version (and be prepared to wait a bit since it's a 10 megabye image!)

Worldspinner provides several distinctive artist styles and options. Here is the same map rendered in "Classic" style. In addition to a quite different drawing style, other details change, including the font and paper texture.

And one more variation on the same map, this time in the "Political" style, which emphasizes the countries instead of the landscape.

Maps can show the entire world, in print sizes ranging from letter to 30 by 60 inches...

...or they focus in on a smaller area. All it takes to go from a world map to a regional map is a bit of zooming. You'll see new details, such as smaller cities and lakes, as you explore the corners of your world.

If you'd like to create maps of your own world...