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A map is an invitation to explore. If you are running a fantasy roleplaying game, your players will want to pursue that invitation. What will they find? If you use Worldspinner as a game aid during your session, it can provide inspiration for adventure after adventure.

Worldspinner produces beautiful printable maps, each of which is unique to your world. In addition, it includes adventure content written by a range of talented authors, to give you hints and details on individual cities and points of interest.

The Explore page is where you can look around your world, zoom in on various sections, and get ideas for your games. Click on a city, and you'll see which nation it is part of, the surrounding landscape, its population and culture, and some possible plots.

Each city also has its share of juicy rumors. They can provide local color, or suggest other complications to explore. Whether these rumors are true, false, or only partially correct is entirely up to you.

Outside of cities, various points of interest such as the Eternal Fields are automatically placed when you create your world. You can add, remove, or change points of interest as you wish... and of course add your own. It's your world, after all.

Premium Adventure Themes

Worldspinner includes hundreds of adventure hooks like the ones above. If you want more detailed adventures, we also offer a number of premium themes for purchase, written by professional fantasy authors and game designers.

These gives you even more engaging stories to play through, with attention to detail, twists and turns to keep your players immersed in the game. In many cases, adventures are illustrated with adventure maps, uniquely crafted by our cartographers in a range of styles. You can use these for your own reference, print and hand them out, or transcribe them onto the classic erasable tabletop battle mat. Featured below are three maps that show some of the variety of the Adventure Maps you will find in Worldspinner (and an excerpt of some of the text).

Placing these themes in your world allows further customization, and each contains more detailed storylines, scenarios, and encounter maps.

Dragons! by Bill Webb of Frog God Games is a collection of six old-school dragon encounters, each with a different background and setting. Maps like the one above set the scene for colorful battles.

700 Lordly Houses, by Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Games, adds six major lordly houses and a host of lesser houses and their rulers, webs of alliances, intrigues, clashes, and politics to your game.

One plot in that theme involves a journey to the Rock Troll Caverns to find evidence to disprove the legitimacy of one of the great lords.

In Aftermath, by New York Times bestselling fantasy author Philip Athens, a horrible plague has recently shattered an area of your world. It turns its victims into blighted creatures that cry out for a cure. Fleeing refugees overrun the camps that struggle to care for them, while bandits and wild tribes prey upon the weak. Behind it all lies a mystery: where did this Plague come from and why has no one been able to cure it?

This theme starts with a short story that you can read with your players to set the mood, which begins:

What appeared in her bedchamber had begun as a man but now was something black and twisted and vacant. Still it looked at her with the unashamed hunger of a starving dog.

It lurched at her from the darkness⎯no candles lit, no lamps burning⎯and its mouth curled open to reveal dull, yellow teeth hanging precariously from gray-black, receding gums. It stepped towards her, or at least tried to, and it felt as though the air was gone from the room. She couldn't breathe.

She stepped back away from it as it came at her. Its knees shook as badly as hers. It winced and she knew it hurt this thing to try to walk. Bile rose up into her throat and tears began to blur her eyes...

As you can see, by choosing which of these theme you add to your world ⎯ and where ⎯ you can add very different tones for your campaign. Worldspinner members can purchase premium themes individually for $4.95, or the Adventure Theme pack, containing all nine premium themes, for $29.95.